January 27, 2009

Sean Marks Dunks

Okay, there's Chris. He'll find me if I'm open. Just gotta get open.

Oh, sweet! There's a path to the basket. I'm totally cutting there, mate. They won't even notice me; I'm Sean Marks.

Crikey! I'm gonna be open. I'm gonna be SO open. Thaddeus Young definitely lost track of me. Well, I'm Sean Marks, mate. Not too surprising.

This is your big chance Sean. Make it special. You're going be photographed so many times right now. Make this dunk special.

Make sure you get the dunk down. And make sure you don't blink. Whatever I do, I can't blink.

Do not blink, Sean.

This is your chance to be a star, mate. Do it, mate.

Okay. The ball's coming. I got it. This is it.

Time to dunk.

DON'T BLINK! Awwww, crikey...


thedirtymexican said...

he's a kiwi not australian. Having him say "crikey" is the equivalent of a joke with an american saying "aboot".
Nice effort though. Get a pic of Bogut or Jawai and try again.

jon said...

I just realized that all this time I've thought Sean Marks was Sean Rooks.