January 26, 2009

Deep Thoughts with Ricky Davis

What have I become?
Am I a parody of the NBA?
Is it true what they say? That I'm a cancer to my team. That I will not win. That a team with Ricky Davis is inherently flawed.
What would make people say such a thing? I am a good person. I enjoy philanthropic activities such as providing burritos to each and every Clippers fan named Rick, Dick, Ricky, Richard, Dicky, David, Dave, Davis, Davie, and Ricardo. Those people deserve burritos, and I gave them burritos.
I am not a bad person.
Sure, sometimes I like to shoot. But who doesn't? Is it not part of basketball to shoot?
My cornrows ... gone.
My Ludacris-themed facial hair ... gone.
My joy ... sadly, gone.
I am a shell.
I am no longer the Ricky Davis that I want to be.
But why?
Why must I toil under the banner of "cancer?" Why should I be the scapegoat?
Ricky Davis is for the people.
Ricky Davis is of the people.
Ricky Davis is the people.
I am Ricky Davis and I need some shots.

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