May 10, 2009

Why I Want a Kobe vs. LeBron NBA Finals

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I have been secretly rooting for Kobe to reach the finals. Not because I am a Kobe fan or a Lakers fan, but because I want to see the undisputed top two NBA ballers go head to head for a best out of 4 series.

If I was a NBA betting man I would have to give the edge to Kobe and the Lakers because of their experience and depth but the way Lebron and the Cavs have played a team game there just might not be a way to stop them.

In my generation this will be the first time two players who each have a case to be called the best will go head to head. Now dont get me wrong, but there was always something missing when i watched Michael Jordon in the NBA playoffs...he never played against the best. Magic Johnson in 1991 was past his prime and about to come out with his HIV diagnosis. Clyde Drexler? No. Charles Barkley? Nope. Karl Malone? No Rings. Hakeem Olajuwon? Maybe.

Magic had Bird, which was probably the greatest rivalry in the mid-80s. And Russell had Wilt in the 60s. Wilt was headed out when Kareem came and Walton wasn't there long enough.

There's no dispute now. Kobe and LeBron are one/two in some order, best in the East and best in the West. LeBron's going to get there. But I don't know about Kobe and the Lakers. The Lakers were almost embarassed by Houston. Now they have to deal with the Nuggets. Kobe has to be his best even before he gets to meet the league MVP.

Now all I have to wait for is the Kobe vs Lebron props to be available.