November 6, 2009

Considering a Throat Tattoo

You guys know I like to stay up on trends. That's why I'm so big in to skateboarding lately. I just really like skitching. It's pretty relaxing. But anyways, one of the big trends so far this year in the NBA is throat tattoos. First DeShawn Stevenson got one so that people would remember who DeShawn Stevenson is:

Then JR Smith got one so people would forget who DeShawn Stevenson is:

All in all, seems like a pretty chill place to get a tattoo. Plus it's a really great look. It gives you a chance to brand yourself (metaphorically and physically) in a place that people don't expect. Basically, it's going viral on your own body. Pretty smart.

But I can't decide what I want to get across the front of my neck. I've got some ideas though.

Might get my favorite player tattooed on my throat.

Might go the Stevenson route and get my favorite president, Millard Fillmore, tattooed on my throat.
Might go the JR Smith route and get someone else's nickname tattooed on my throat.

Might one up them and get my own face tattooed on my throat.

Like I said, it's a pretty tough decision. It's going to affect me for the rest of my life, or until lasers become a lot more affordable through the "Laser in Every Home" program. But that's hardly the point. I want my throat tattoo and I want it now.

So help me, Internet. What should I get tattooed on my throat?


Anonymous said...

You should get a tatoo of yourslef showing off your neck tatoo, etc. An endless tatoo.

Steve said...

I say go with your own face with the Kaman woodchuck dunk pose. Then caption underneath stating "Dat Ass". Macho Man Savage is also a good one.

Oops Pow Surprise said...

I would say Fillmore on a motorcycle and he's ramping over alligators and the alligators have guns but they can't hit Fillmore because he's ramping so hard. Maybe he could also be doing the metal horns hand thing.

The Fandom Menace said...

I would tatoo a picture of Tim Duncan eating a philly cheesesteak on your neck.

Anonymous said...

I Like Turtles Kid.

NDEddieMac said...

DeShawn Stevenson and JR Smith in a jump ball, with the basketbal on your adams apple

3rdStoneFromTheSun said...

I find the tattoo on the forehead to be classiest

but what do I know?

Podi said...

Neck tatoos are gnarly, i think everyone that has one owns a gun too.

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