September 17, 2009

Real Cool, Marcin Gortat

I see you Marcin, playing for Poland in the FIBA tournament. We all see you, but that's the point isn't it? You of the 34 million dollar contract which you apparently used to buy custom red shoes. Subtle.

And that's fine, man. You can spend your money how you want. I assume you already broke ground on your pool that you'll fill with caviar or whatever. Maybe put some gold coins in there too. I don't care. I'm sure you'll buy some cars since you so readily remind everyone that you drive the fastest car in the NBA. You always have had a special knack for ostentatious wealth.

That's all well and good. You're a multi-millionaire, so you should enjoy it. But to rub your NBA status in the face of your competition is pretty wackadoodle, bro. Couldn't you have just worn regular socks like, you know, every other player in the tournament. Basically all of Spain has been in the NBA at some point, and they just wear white socks. You don't see Bostjan Nachbar wearing NBA socks and he won't shut up about that one time he scored 29 points against the Rockets. He calls it "Boki's Revenge," but that's irrelevant right now.

The point is, take off your NBA socks. And the wristband. We get it. You're in the NBA. You don't have to make everyone else self-conscious about the league they're playing in.

And for the record, it's Martin, with a T. Jerk.

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streetballoholic said...

it was intended to be funny? hm, a may not be objective but i have something what is called a "sense of humor" and it reacts fine in almost every post on this blog. but this post is a straight dumb ass for me knowing what a humble hard worker that guy is.

PS Mar-C-in