September 16, 2009

Roll Call

Raise your hand if you're the most stereotypically Greek player of the 1990s, but aren't actually Greek.


Passion of the Weiss said...

But did you know that DJ Rony is currently a regular DJ at one of Los Angeles' hottest nightclubs, Playhouse.

Nothing but Yanni and Lebanese synth music.

goathair said...

Please be true.

Tas Melas said...

Give him the FUCKING BALL!

KneeJerkNBA said...

Goddamn Lebanese DJs- always pretending to be Greek balllers.

And is that Kelly Tripucka trying to guard DJ Rony on the switch?

goathair said...


The Hairdryer Treatment said...

true story:

i saw rony play for the lebanese national team against syria in the summer of 1999 in beirut. his stint on the national team was short (and confusing since he repped the us national team back in the day), but super hyped.

despite the rony hype, syria won and some little syrian point guard kept schooling rony the whole game to the amusement of the syrian fans who were brandishing large portraits of hafez al assad (syria still occupied lebanon then) only to get cracked with batons and dragged out of the stadium by plainclothes military police. the game ended in serious violence with lebanese and syrian troops facing off against each other, live ammunition being fired (inside the stadium), and rony seikaly bolting to the locker room flanked by a few lebanese troops. my friends and i pushed past a stampede and found a taxi to take us home.

this was the first, and last, basketball game i saw in lebanon and was a little known battle in 20th century middle eastern military history.

by far the craziest sporting event i've even been to.