June 12, 2009

Proposed Orlando Magic Endorsement Opportunity

Guys, it's the Finals right now and Blowtorch Consulting has been hard at work. I've been putting together deals, making proposals, and using investment strategies. My savvy mind tells me to "strike when the iron is hot" and "any publicity is good publicity." These are business terms I'm using, and if they go over your heard I apologize. But seriously, they work.

Take for instance my latest deal. The Orlando Magic attempted more three-pointers this season than any other team in the league. Some people call shooting a lot of three-pointers a long distance approach. And everyone knows you can use your cellular telephone's satelite transmissions to make long distance phone calls. I talked with Blowtorch Consulting's creative director (me) and we put together this ad campaign for the Orlando Magic Long Distance Connect Package.
It really meshes well with their "more bars in more places" movement. They were even kind enough to include international calling to France. Unfortunately, due to problems concerning the downfall of the Ottoman Empire, calls to Turkey couldn't be included, so that's why you see Hedo over to the left. However, we did like the way that his wandering kinds of made it feel like a more natural happening, rather than a promotion.

If we get this deal confirmed it'll be huge for us. We've already got LeBron signed up, which is huge; but if we can get an entire team like the Magic AND a huge corporation like AT&T, that'll be amazing. Wish me luck, I've got a presentation in Orlando Sunday evening.

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