June 15, 2009

A Couple of Bros Win an NBA Title

Bro, we totally won the title, bro.

For real, bro.

Bro, check out this trophy.

Heavy, bro.

Can you believe it, bro? It's like meeting a fly honey who wants to party, AND THEN YOU PARTY. Unbelievable, broski.

No kidding, bro. My pops is always like, "winning a title is the best feeling in the history of the world and Western civilization." I'm always like, "psssht whatevs." But he wasn't lying, bro.

Yeah, bro.

Do you ever think, like, maybe there's more to life than playing basketball and being chill?

Not really, bro. I just want to wear backwards hats all day and party.

Word up. Let's get crunk.


KneeJerkNBA said...

Bro, my psychotic stalker just left a cat's head in my dumpster, bro.

Sick, bro!

Anonymous said...

This is awesome bro.