June 3, 2009

LeBron James's Newest Business Venture

Remember Blowtorch Consulting? It's off to a great start. How well is my one man shop doing, you ask? This well:

Blowtorch Consulting is proud to announce it's newest client, Cleveland Cavalier, Variegated Advanced Scientific Technologies CEO, and Most Valuable Player LeBron James.

It was a simple deal, really. LeBron has a newer Ferrari, and now that the Cavs have been eliminated, tons of time on his hands. Not only does it pad his wallet, he also gets to connect with fans and show them that he's serious about Cleveland. Win-win.

This is the first of what I assume will be MANY big name clients. In this economy, players are looking for any way they can to maximize their earning potential. Blowtorch Consulting is here to help.

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