June 26, 2009

A Michael Jackson Tribute Post


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Helene said...

Ode to Sweet Michael

Where are you going, little boy?

To get some needed rest.
Been playing hard for fifty years.
I really did my best.

Though I was somewhat “Off The Wall”,
I gave it all I had.
At times I was a “Thriller’,
I was good, when I was “Bad”.

To keep alive my inner child,
I built a magic place.
Though I was judged, I judged not,
I walked in outer space.

With innocence and child-like dreams,
I tried to show the way.
I taught them how to dance and sing,
I taught them how to play.

You’ve done quite well, sweet little boy; and have you now a wish?

My wish is very simple,
I’m asking only this:

Give love a try; give peace a chance,
And above everything,
Please, let the children play and dance,
Please, let the children sing.

Helene A. Masiko-Crews
July 12, 2009