June 25, 2009

A History of Bad Trades Throughout History

Lamar Odom trades the lives of many Trojans for a large horse, explaining "Hey guys, free horse!"

Dick Rowe chooses to sign Brian Poole and The Tremeloes to a record contract, rather than The Beatles.


I offer Danny Solecki a Jamal Mashburn/Dino Radja card package for a Grant Hill rookie card. He accepts.


Cuba Gooding, Jr. willfully utters the line "Hey Michael! I'm wearing your underwear!" and receives several thousand dollars from Hanes. In return, he loses his dignity.


The Cleveland Cavaliers acquire Shaquille O'Neal.



DocZeus said...

I've yet to see someone rationally explain to me how Ben Wallace and Sasha Pavlovic are better than Shaq. Chris Wallace isn't the General Manager of the Raptors, now is he? So Bosh ain't falling from the sky...

This, at worst, is a lateral move.

goathair said...

Shaq is certainly better than Wallace and Pavlovic combined. Howevsies, I hate the idea of LeBron turning in to a jump shooter while Shaq clogs the lane. Having Shaq down low killed the most effective parts of Nash's game, which was decidedly not awesome. Of course, it's only for a year, so whatever.

KneeJerkNBA said...

Sarver/Kerr- EPIC FAIL

In terms of bad trades, I nominate Brad Pitt leaving Angelina Jolie to go back to Jennifer Aniston. Milwaukee swapping Nowitzki and a draft pick for Tractor Traylor is equally idiotic.