May 27, 2008

Occasional Observations on Several Subjects

‘Twas a long weekend at Blowtorch base camp and I need to clear my brain of all thought basketball and non-basketball before I can go back to making jokes about basketball.

Glow in the Dark Tour:
Why wasn’t the order Rihanna, N.E.R.D., Lupe, Kanye? I think that’s what everyone wanted since we were in Chicago.

Lupe’s set was too short and he gave too much of his time up to his cronies who won’t do anything ever. He kind of seems like the guy who will do contrarian things just to be different. If he wasn’t such a good rapper, I’d probably hate him.

Pharrell wants to be a Rock Star (rather than a general superstar, which he is) so, so, so badly it’s funny. However, what he doesn’t realize is that drum solos are an assault to rock sensibilities everywhere. Furthermore, his subject matter is a hyper-sexualized update on 50s themes. Dancing, being “bad,” and going crazy are old hat.

I wonder if Common is sad that he is relegated to being a backup dancer for a glorified rock side project during his home city’s biggest hip-hop show of the year.

Chris Brown was FREAKING OUT when he was onstage with N.E.R.D. but didn’t appear during Rihanna’s “Cinderella.” Love on the rocks? Ain’t no big surprise.

Here’s a fun debate, worst dancer in hip-hop: Kanye, Lupe, or Pharrell?

It’s highly likely that Kanye fired someone after his mic didn’t turn on for the first four bars of “Homecoming.” Tough break.

According to the fiancée, Kanye was wearing some sort of jacket tied around his waist but it definitely looked like a skirt. I’m all for innovation but looking like a homosexual “California Love” extra isn’t a good look.

New part for “Hey Mama” gave me chills.

Best part of the concert, during the “leave yo a** for a white girl” part of “Gold Digger,” a large black guy pointed right at my fiancée. Awesome.

I got in two big basketball debates at the annual barbecue: 1. Chris Paul could be the best point guard ever 2. NBA vs. NCAA. My extended thoughts follow.

On Chris Paul: I have a good sense of history of the game. I respect everything that’s been done and the legends and all that. But the season that Chris Paul just had was off the charts. It’s impossible to ignore that he has the potential to become the best point ever. However, that’s the sort of argument you can’t win. There’s no way to predict injuries. There’s no way to know if the Hornets franchise will cut payroll leaving CP by himself. But I can’t shake the feeling that he’s going to be legendary.

My buddy argued that the NCAA is better than the NBA for the worst reason ever. He said the NBA is inferior because there is a rule in place that prevents help defenders from staying in the lane. That’s it. He doesn’t like the NBA because it doesn’t allow for fundamental help defense. He didn’t see my point that that equates with good defenders being able to get to the help line even quicker, but I’m guessing that’s because he’s an idiot.

The NBA vs. NCAA debate is settled by choosing which side you’re on, talent or hustle. It’s that easy. If you like talent, you’re an NBA fan. If you like hustle, you’re an NCAA fan. There’s no other realm that the NCAA touches the NBA in, other than hustle. Could that be because the season is 1/3rd as long? Hmmmm……

That's all. Back to your regularly scheduled jokes about foreigners.


3000 said...

Two quick hits: first, your blog makes me want to care about basketball more and second, I fear that sleeping on the Kanye show in Raleigh will be one of my great regrets.


Mark said...

I agree with your talent/hustle line to an extent. Here's why I like the NCAA over the NBA:

-The NCAA is relatable to me. Guys that will eventually be accountants, lawyers, (i.e. "normal jobs") go up against future NBA players and win.

-Watching athletes before they get big is intensely more exciting than watching them once they've made it. It's the same reason I will always enjoy a relatively unknown band at a small bar over top 40 at big venue.

-Good college basketball is played by players who look like they really, really want to win. It is attended by fans who really, really want their team to win.

-Pep Bands > Jesse White Tumblers

-And yes, hustle > talent

Essentially, due to reasons like help defense, player personality, money, etc... there isn't an absolute truth. I choose college because its makeup appeals to my tastes, not because it is fundamentally superior.

That however, will not stop me from discussing/arguing this point forever.

Anonymous said...

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