September 11, 2009

The Worst Ever

As referenced in the previous post, here are my two terrible Jordan Brand clothing pieces. Like I said, these are so bad that I can only wear them when I know I'm not doing anything with my wife.

First, the tangerine elephant print jersey.

Now, the reversible zip-up blue vest. This side is blue elephant print and shiny like a fish.
This is the reversed side. As you can see, it zips up all the way, which is a great look, and not at all reminiscent of a dark time in our country's history.
And yes, you saw that right. It does have Mars Blackmon glasses printed on the hood.
I can't believe these weren't put in to mass production.


LA Huey said...

these articles of clothing are both disgusting and awesome. god bless your non-chic soul.

gilbert said...

Send me that blue jumper now!!!
Love it!!