September 1, 2009

Rajon Rondo Loves Redbull

Hey, I'm Rajon Rondo of the Boston Celtics. I'm also a paid endorser for Red Bull energy drink. It gives you wings. Thanks for stopping by. Let's check out my abode. We'll start in back.

(Rondo drinks a can of Red Bull.)

Yo, this is my back yard. I mostly just like to come out here and drink Red Bull energy drink. It gives you wings.

(Rondo chugs a can of Red Bull.)

Yeah, I just like to come back here. Drink my Red Bull energy drink, which gives you wings, and then kind of just brood on my steps. I told my designer, "make sure you get me some brooding steps." And she was all like, "what are brooding steps?" So I said, "just like regular steps except you brood on them." Then she was like, "oh that makes sense." Then I was like, "did you think, like the steps would actually be brooding?" And she was like, "I just really wasn't sure what you meant." Then I was like, "yo that's crazy steps can't show emotions like brooding because they just steps which are made of stone." So she was like, "yeah."

(Rondo chugs a can of Red Bull.)

Let's go inside, yo. It's more housey in there.


I just like sittin here drinking Red Bull energy drink that gives you wings but I ain't ever grow no wings so I think it's a metaphor or something humans can't just be growing wings like buzzards or something so I don't even get it but they give me SO MUCH Red Bull that I can't drink it fast enough and if it really did give you wings I'd have like a million wings by now.

(Rondo chugs a can of Red Bull.)


(Rondo enters the garage.)

YoRedBullenergywingshookeditupwithasuperfastcar. Wegottadriveitrightnoworthewings.



(Rondo's develops a heart murmur from too much Red Bull.)

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DB said...

Humans can't just be growing wings like buzzards. Awesome.