August 18, 2009

Punchline Challenge: Chase Budinger

How many punchlines are there for this picture of Houston Rockets rookie Chase Budinger? Let's see:

  • "Ladies, can I buy you a blouse?"
  • He loves college.
  • Hairy Bird.
  • Check back next summer to see Chase's skin match his uniform.
  • Good to see Jake Busey is still getting work.
  • "Whoops!" -- Darryl Morey
  • "Hey, let's take the creepiest rookie picture since Julian Wright." -- photographer
    "Cool." -- Chase Budinger
  • Man, Spencer Pratt is EVERYWHERE.
  • This is a Rorschach test. Do you or do you not see a redhead?
  • Oh, so that's why he got his face stepped on.
  • Apprarently, Chase Budinger chose basketball over volleyball because he gets to play indoors.
  • Bro.
  • This is a screenshot from my favorite scene in Bedazzled.


KneeJerkNBA said...

Albino Turkoglu

Slava.P said...

He's like the PG-13 version of Chris Anderson