June 16, 2009

NBA Finals Game 6 Preview

Los Angeles Lakers vs. Orlando Magic (4-1 LAL, in Los Angeles)

Magic Keys to the Game: Game 6 will be a pivotal game for the Magic. They will need a big game from Dwight Howard, staunch defense by rookie Courtney Lee and Mikael Pietrus, and solid minutes from point guards Rafer Alston and Jameer Nelson. Additionally, coach Stan Van Gundy is going to need to find a way to develop time travel. Of course, if the Magic don't make their free-throws, this game is over before it starts.

Lakers Keys to the Game: Whatever the Lakers do, the biggest thing is that they need to avoid any sort of portal, DeLorean, or wormhole that Orlando might try to use.

Prediction: Considering that the only human to have ever time-travelled is the Lakers' Kobe Bryant, it is unlikely that he will share his secrets with the Magic. If they can't find a way to go back in time and change the past, without jeopardizing the future, this series is over.

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