May 1, 2009

Bradger On A Hundred Thousand Trillion

Brad Miller Pop Art

Remember back when I almost killed Brad Miller? That was a really dark time in my life. The world had turned to grey, and I thought I'd blown if for the Bulls and for Brad Miller. Maybe I had cursed him.

Like I always do, I listened to The Fray's "How to Save a Life" on repeat. As the song played over and over and over again, I found myself asking where did I go wrong? I had truly lost a friend, somewhere in the bitterness. I didn't understand it, really. Yeah, I'd posted a private moment for Brad. As any man knows, cutting off a beard is a HUGE step. I must have underestimated how closely guarded Brad is.

I knew things were going to be okay when Brad made his first three. When his celebration came out like kids in my high school who swore they knew the gang sign for the Bloods, that's when I knew Brad Miller was still alive. On the inside.

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Both Teams Played Hard said...

Tryna get that Eaton number ... One over Miller.