April 29, 2009

I Think I Killed Brad Miller

Remember when I unearthed the video of Brad Miller cutting off his beard? That was a really emotional video that deeply affected me emotionally. And I've regretted it to this day. I'm even pretty sure that showing that video killed Brad Miller. On the inside.

It's been basically the hardest three weeks of my life, dealing with the death of Brad Miller. Since then, his points per game, rebounds per game, assists per game, and field goal percentage have gone down. And his turnovers per game went up.

And he got punched in the face.
And he missed two free-throws that would have tied a playoff game.
And he's been ridiculed across the Internet.
And he didn't get to go to Coachella.
And he didn't really like the movie Earth.
And he still hasn't seen the Susan Boyle YouTube clip.
And he burned his hand on his waffle maker.
And he can't get his DVR to stop recording every episode of The Soup.
And his Geocities account was closed.
And he had high hopes for the Asher Roth album.
And the Hipster Grifter stole $800 from him.

So it's been pretty hard on Brad too. I can't help feeling that I did this to him. If I'd have just left that video in the depths of YouTube, maybe Brad Miller would still be alive. On the inside.

The least I can offer him is this electronic collage (French for "lots of things together to make one big thing"). He's one of my favorite guys ever and I'm sorry if I killed him. On the inside.


Carles said...

not cool bro.

Truth About It said...

Heeeeee's BAAAAAACK!