April 17, 2009

Good Action I

As there is nothing actually happening in the NBA today or yesterday (aside from the Devil collecting on last year's deal with the Celtics) here's some good action:

  • During the playoffs, I'll be doing little videos for Hardwood Paroxysm. There is going to be no editing or coherence or substance, so you should definitely tune in. Apparently, there will be antiquated sayings.
  • I've also recently started writing little music blurbs for The Singles Jukebox. I know just as much about music as I do about basketball. Take that for what it's worth.
  • One last thing I tend to know lots about: random basketball goods. As such, I'm now writing the Phenomenal Swag posts for Skeets.

So those are other places you can find my musings on various subjects. Now on to more good action.

  • Here's a video of me performing Seal's number 1 hit "Kiss by a Rose" while driving around with Lady Gaga:

  • If you'd like all The Brad Miller Show videos, along with outtakes, never-before-seen footage, and other extras on a DVD for a low price, email me. I'm talking nice menus, high quality video, and laughs for literally probably an hour, all for around 6 dollars. It's an unbeatable deal. Also, be on the lookout late this summer for an amazing Brad Miller production.
  • As a reward for making it this far (you haven't made it this far), here's another chapter of my book. If you, or anyone you know, want to publish it, email me. I'm easily bought.

Andre Miller chapter

(click for full-size)


PhDribble said...

"..if you want...i got the first post-phdribble.typepad.com phdribble post..."

KneeJerkNBA said...

Nice driver cameo at 1:34