April 2, 2009

Even More Carmelo Anthony's Space Adventure Letters

Yo Earth, it's Melo.

We're doing alright up here. Actually, I'm chillin'. Cause it's cold in the darkness of Space. LOL.
It's all good though. Me and Chauncey have been pretty busy doing experiments and stuff. We brought some gear because we figure it'd probably get bored since it's just me and Chauncey. Thankfully Chauncey brought all his Space movies or else we'd be bored. Right, Chaunce?

Lately, we've been watching Tyra Banks-era Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. I guess because she's out of this world pretty. LOL. I guess that's the reason, cause I don't really see anything else Space-related but Chauncey told me he wanted to do Space travel because he only watched Space movies.
Anyways, Will was getting all jiggy wit it on the show and me and Chauncey saw an air hockey table in the background and we were like, "YO LET'S PLAY AIR HOCKEY." But for two reasons we couldn't. One, there's no gravity here. Two, there's no air hockey table. We were bummed.

But then Chauncey reminded me that we brought gear with us, so we used our plastic maker to make some bumpers and a puck. And since Chauncey's a genius with refracted light he hooked us up with some lineage to have like a floating "table," if you will. The puck like floats in the Space air, so you have to go all over the place to make shots and it's AWESOME.

Since we're businessmen, we decided to start a company that sells Space hockey. We're still beta testing it, but when we get to Earth, we'll try to hook people up with this game. Here's our first promotion:

The tag line is going to be: "Space Hockey International -- It's Outta This World!" LOL.

I'll write again soon, and if there's anything you want to know, just tell me.

Chillin (from the Space cold),



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