April 10, 2009

The End of Carmelo Anthony's Space Adventure Letters?

Sup, Earthlings. It's me, Carmelo Anthony.
As you're well aware, me and my buddy Chauncey Billups have been travelling all around Space, doing Space things. We've seen some crazy stuff. Stuff that you can't see on Earth. Like for instance, we saw Earth. The whole thing. You can see little pieces when you're on Earth but to see it all, you have to go to Space.

And we went to Space. As I said before. Here's the proof.
That's me and Chaunce in deep dark space, posing. Giving cold looks. LOL We had a great time. Ain't that right Chauncey?

But we were up in Space the other day, and Chauncey throws Independence Day in the DVD player. That's one of his favorite Fresh Prince movies. But we're watching it in Space, which makes it even more relevant. Chauncey looks at me and says, "fossil fuels." And I knew what he meant.

We been using so much fossil fuels being up here it's ridiculous. And we like the environment, so we decided to come back and go green. So that's basically it. We're back from Space to save the environment with going green. Probably won't here much about our trip until the book comes out, which is supposed to be summer of 2009. It's going to be otherworldly good. LOL

Peace for now, everybody.

Keep it real,

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The Thrill said...

I'd love to hear your series predictions for the Lakers/Nuggets series.

I think Carmelo_Anthonyand Billups can get the job done in Seven Games.

That being said, their history against the Lakers isn't too bright. The Nuggets are playing better basketball right now, but the Lakers have experience on their side.

Can't wait for this series.