March 17, 2009

Determining Sean May's Waist Circumference

An NBA basketball is 9 inches in diameter. I've included two cross sections of ball, which overlap across Sean May's waist. As you can see there is slight overlap, probably about an inch and a half. This leaves us 16.5 inches across the front of Sean's waist.

If we assume that the back of his waist is the same as the front, we're currently at 33 inches. Since Sean is a three-dimensional being, we have to account for his sides. If we conservatively estimate his thickness at 2/3rds of a basketball, we have 6 inches on both sides.


Front (16.5) + back (16.5) + right side (6) + left side (6) = 45 inches

Which in turn, explains why this happens:
When the first suggested result of your name is that your fat, rather than that you play professional basketball, it's probably time to re-examine your eating habits.


Casey said...

Sadly, I believe you've underestimated. If 16.5 inches is Sean May's diameter, then his circumference would be pi multiplied by the diameter. This puts us at nearly 52 inches.

goathair said...

That's assuming Sean May is a perfect sphere. And while he's certainly on his way, he's not there yet. Therefore, we have to treat him almost like a rectangle with two 16.5 inch sides and two 6 inch sides.

Juan Louis said...

considering the size of his
budonkadonk, his rear length is probably wider than his front length because the cheeks jut out into a curve instead of a straight line

goathair said...

Fair point. There's definitely a chance Sean May has a greater than 50 inches waistline.

sam said...