March 16, 2009

Breaking News: Steve Nash is Your Friend's Dad

I didn't really ever realize it until this picture, but Steve Nash is totally your friend's dad. Let's run down the reasons from head to toe:

  1. Side part - Your friend's dad Steve doesn't want you to notice that his hair is thinning. On days when he's feeling particularly rebellious, he parts it the other way.
  2. Exposed chest hair - Steve can't hope to contain that luscious V of chest foliage. He oozes virility.
  3. Medical ID bracelet - If Steve has a diabetic attack, he wants you to know there's an epipen in his old nylon duffle bag.
  4. Shorts above the knees - He doesn't want any hindrance during those 5-6 times a game when he actually bends his legs.
  5. White socks with black shoes - Your buddy's dad stopped caring about aesthetics back when Garth Brooks released the Chris Gaines album.

Next time you and your dad and your friend and his dad get together to play ball, give me a call. I'll bring my dad. He can still ball. I just found this picture of him:

Don't worry; he's legit.


Anonymous said...



I Really Enjoy this Blog..


The Dude Abides said...

Hmmm...that doesn't look like my vydas...or your vydas...who could it be?