January 5, 2009

Sup, Y'all

Hi, guys. It's me.

You might remember me from this website, but back when it was functional (circa 2k8.9). I've been busy in real life. I bought a house, got married, sailed at least two of the seven seas, and got the best pair of custom Chuck Taylors in existence.

But now I'm back.


Now, over these last three weeks, due to the above mentioned circumstances, I've seen probably 10 minutes of NBA basketball. I saw parts of quarters 2 and 3 of the Lakers-Celtics game*, which I am aware that the Lakers won. My only other NBA exposure during this time has been a graphic on a Spanish CNN network based out of Denver (really) that depicted Stephon Marbury and the Boston Celtics logo. Since I haven't studied Spanish in at least 8 years, I couldn't make out what was happening; and since my Google Reader is swamped from weeks on inactivity on my part coupled with the hyperactivity of the ShareBro commission I can't quickly find the story. I feel as if I've missed a joke that I should have made months ago, but such is life. The beauty of Marbury is that it's only a matter of time until the next joke arrives.

So I return to you refreshed, clueless, and trying to balance the creative realizations I had while on a crowded bus travelling to Xunantunich, Belize. This is currently The Blowtorch 2.3, but the phases that might take place could result in a 2.3.1, 2.4, or even 3.0. There are ideas I have which are bigger than any I've undertaken thus far, and after digesting both Outliers and The Watchmen, I would be remisce to not see these through. It is all part of The Blowtorch, and Trey, and Goathair/Goatman. How could they not be? As Salvador Dali siad, "my works are different parts of my personality." And just as he did, I'll wake up and be a little bit more myself every day.

Oh, and I got the Penny 2s for Christmas. They're spectacular.

*Strangely, this occurred on two different nights as the game was replayed the following night at about 2am.


Devine said...

Welcome back, dog. Like the rest of your regulars, I await your new genesis with bated breath.

Also, did you intentionally eliminate your Twitter account? You're not there like BlanchettBaleLedgerWhishawGereFranklin.

Loj said...

If I remember correctly, you were breathing quite heavily while napping on a crowded bus on your way to Xunantunich, Belize, but perhaps that is when you have your best "creative realizations."