January 5, 2009

If You Don't Like My Cannolis, Then You Can Just Get Out of My Face

Ey yo, uh guys. Ey guys. I, uh, brought yous guys some cannolis from my mudda. My mudda made these cannolis just for yous guys, so, uh, you best be eatin' these cannolis.

Don't even act like you ain't like no cannolis, capice? If you think y'can just traipse around this here locka room actin' like you ain't like no cannolis, yous guys got anudder thing comin'. Vinny D ain't playin' around. These cannolis, theys pretty great, so eat 'em. Errrybody here's eatin' two, three, four cannoli. I don't care if you ain't even know what cannolis is, cause these cannolis are some real cannolis.

Excuse me. I, uh, I musta misheard you. You say you ain't like my moms's cannolis, Joakim? What, they too decadent and delicious for you, Frenchy? You want that sissy French food that's like a single slice of cheese on a plate with some sauce? FUHGEDDABOUDIT!!! This the real good cannoli, straight outta Italy. You ain't like it, you can get outta my locka room.

Oh, what? What? You gonna do somethin', Frenchy? I didn't think so. Siddown.

Anybody else here got somethin' to say about my mudda's cannolis? No. You don't. So just take your no cannoli eatin' keisters outta my locka room and get warmed up. You ain't want cannolis, you ain't eatin' NOTHIN'! It's as simple as that. If ain't momma's cannoli, FUHGEDDABOUDIT!!

Do not. Even Think. About bringin' some non-cannoli type a food in Vinny D's locka room, less you wanna take it to the mattresses.

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