June 9, 2008

Inner Thoughts with Leon Powe

Rajon Rondo: Here. (pump fakes, jumps, spins, and throws an off-balance pass to Leon Powe)

Leon Powe: What do you want me to do with this? Dribble?

Alright. I guess I can take a dribble until you’re ready.

(takes a dribble)

Aren’t you guys going to guard me?

Phil Jackson: What is this “guarding” you speak of? Existentially, if we were to ignore this matriculation, then said matriculation would cease to exist. One need not guard that which does not exist.

Leon Powe: I’ll take one more dribble then I’ll stop. Get this to someone who can handle it. Or Rajon.

(takes another dribble)

Seriously, guys. Are you messing with me? I’m Leon Powe and I’m dribbling up court. At full speed.

Kobe Bryant: Does he know me? Do I know this guy? I don’t know this guy.

Lamar Odom: (thinks about unicorns and robots)

Leon Powe: This is a joke, right? I’m getting close to the basket now. I’ll stop if you want.

(takes a dribble in to the lane)

Pau Gasol: Habla Espanol? Me gusta mi barba.

Leon Powe: Okay, I’m dunking now. Just so you know, I’m going to dunk.

(throws down a fierce dunk)

Phil Jackson: Guarding is such sweet sorrow.

Lamar Odom: (thinks about dinosaurs)


Ryne Nelson said...

Love the 'inner-thought' idea to it. I wish we knew what was going through Jackson's head when he made that ridiculous comment.

Dart Adams said...

Yeah...I've seen him (Leon Powe) do shit like that ALL YEAR LONG. These so-called NBA "experts" need to get familiar. Early.


sexy said...