March 19, 2008

My Interview with Leon Powe

After last night’s big win over the Houston Rockets, I sat down in the locker room with the night’s unlikely hero, Leon Powe.

Goathair: Hi.

Leon Powe: Hi.

Goathair: Hello.

Leon Powe: Hi.

Goathair: Hi.

Leon Powe: Hello.

Goathair: Ok….

Leon Powe: Yeah….so?

Goathair: Sooooo….hmmmm….you scored 21 tonight in a huge game. That’s great.

Leon Powe: Yeah, pretty cool.

Goathair: Yeah. Absolutely.

Leon Powe: Yeah…

Goathair: Hey, remember that time you lead the Pac-10 in scoring and rebounding?

Leon Powe: Yeah.

Goathair: That was awesome.

Leon Powe: Yeah.

Goathair: Hmmm….

Leon Powe:


Leon Powe:

Goathair: Anybody ever tell you you look like a construction worker?

Leon Powe: All the time, man. All the time.

1 comment:

Mr. Good said...

Man, that interview was freakin' hilarious!!! I'm rofl...literally, rolling on the floor laughing!