March 13, 2008

Kobe Bryant Week, Day 4: Random Fact, pt. 11 - Kobe Bryant

Did you know that Brandy's 1998 smash hit "The Boy is Mine" was inspired by her date with Kobe?

Following the prom, Brandy developed a jealous heart. Mailing dead flowers to each of Kobe's potential girlfriends, Brandy began a shrine to Bryant. One day while pasting pictures of Kobe's recently grown afro, Brandy started humming the first few bars to a song that would eventually be "The Boy is Mine."

Brandy's obsession with Kobe even lead her to enter a relationship with fellow NBA guard Quentin Richardson. Once Brandy realized that Richardson's accomplishments would never reach the height of Bryant's, she quickly ended the relationship and had her tattoo changed from Quentin's face to a cat.

It is rumored that Brandy maintains her shrine to Bryant to this day.

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