February 26, 2008

Overheard: Kirk Hinrich's Ejection

Whistle blows.
That’s some malarkey right there, chief. I ain’t foul ‘im. Ya know I ain't foul 'im. Just givin' 'im a little a that backwoods lovin'. Got some for you too, sir.

First technical.

C’mon, man. That ain’t right. That’s just some Sioux City talk, sir. Matter a fact, come down to SC and I’ll show ya round. Catch us some catfish and fry it up, Mama Hinrich style.

Ref: I’m not a huge catfish fan.

What? You ain’t like catfish? That’s crazy. You just ain’t never had some REAL catfish. Iowa catfish the finest in the US of A. I even take the bones out for ya.

Ref: Catfish really grosses me out.

You kiddin’ me? Catfish the state fish o’ Iowa. Ya ain’t be disrespectin’ Iowa now, are ya? I don’t wanna hafta be getting’ my fillet knife now. Catfish serious business where I’m from. If you ain’t eat the catfish, you be sleepin’ with them catfish soon enough. That’s guaranteed.

Second technical. Ejected.


Anonymous said...

People from Iowa don't talk like that. You must have us confused with Alabamians.
We talk more like Canadians :x
I like catfish though YUMMMM

Anonymous said...

Alabimians or Albanians?

Anonymous said...

I talk like that.

-original iowa corn cobber (go hawks, thanks for playing for us kirk.. and raef... and kyle... I heard Patrick OBryant of the Warriors is from Iowa too, but I don't think we were missing anything)

Anonymous said...

why the hawks have to be represented in the league by Ricky D and Ryan Bowen is beyond me. I guess Reggie Evans is doing a job in Philly. (ryan's doing a job too, and you gotta love ricky's character... just being a cynic)

Anonymous said...

oh and my god, how dare I leave out Nelly. 1962 in the barn. the birthplace of small ball(s).

Bulldog said...

not Alabamians. It is Alabami. Like the Yeti.

Anonymous said...

Wow. I'm from Minneapolis, where we make terrible jokes about Iowans (Q: Why doesn't Iowa State have football cheerleaders? A: They graze the end zone.) and I found your Iowa impersonation insulting. This is Des Moines, not Des Liverance.

Raskolnikov said...

This be the true Eyewa accent. Y'all be disrespekkin my homie goatherr.

sexy said...