January 25, 2010

Some Things

  • As of today I'm blogging the Olympics for Yahoo!'s Fourth Place Medal. I'm basically the Blog Costas of the Internet. That doesn't really mean anything, but it sounds kind of important. Nonetheless, Blog Costas says you should read my writing over there.
  • Additionally, I'm still writing at Ball Don't Lie, too. Read it. (You already are.)
  • What does all this mean for The Blowtorch? I don't know. You might not believe this, but these jokes I come up with come pretty quickly, so I'm hoping to continue making these jokes. Outside of during the actual Olympics (Feb 12-28 only on NBC and Yahoo!), things should still be active around here, but maybe a little slower. My fingers are just thinking out loud right now.
  • I'm on Twitter again. NETWORKING.
  • Remember that book I was writing? LOLers, me too. It's finished, but rather than settling for publishing it myself, I'm going to at least try to sell it. Why not, right? It's 2010. If that fall through, THEN I will settle for publishing it.
  • That's enough inside blogsball. Here's a picture of Harry Potter at a Lakers game:
    Photo Gallery - Yahoo! Sports


Ian H. Smith said...

This book. I am going to buy it.

Josh Dhani said...

Good luck on the book. Thanks for being in being in mine too. Look to buy it when it comes out

KneeJerkNBA said...

Nice D by Gooden. Missed contesting that shot by a good three feet. The 'tickle his bladder' maneuver.