December 10, 2009

Pau Gasol, He Ereses La Cana a Lot

That's what I'm always saying. I scream it a lot. I'm always like, "Pau eres la cana! Yeah!" People don't really get it, but you two get it. You know what I mean. Because if there's anyone who really eres la cana it's Pau Gasol, am I right?

The funny thing is, I don't really speak that much Spanish. And even less Catalan. But I'm pretty sure that when I say "Pau eres la cana," which is A LOT, I'm speaking the truth. That dude LOVES to eres la cana. Loves it. It's basically his favorite thing besides hook shots and making his hands look like deer hooves.

I don't know though. I guess it would make sense that I check in to what it actually means instead of just telling all my friends that Pau Gasol eres la cana. Well, I guess I've already told all my friends, but it couldn't hurt to check it out before I tell them again. Let's see here.

"Peace eras the sugarcane?" That doesn't even make sense. Is this some sort of code? It doesn't even reference Pau Gasol. This is really embarrassing. All this time, when I was yelling "Pau eres la cana," I thought I was just saying something like "Pau, you're a baller," or, "Pau, you're beard is okay." I definitely didn't think I was propagandizing on behalf of the Sugarcane Peace Coalition.

Thanks for nothing, Spain.


Sa said...


the "ñ" it's not the "n" dude..

"Caña" means other things.

And that phrase "Tu Eres la caña" it's like saying "Pau you rules" or "Pau you are the best" something like that.

I always read your blog man, keep it up ;)

vanjulio said...

I think it's more like "Pau you are the freshest"

Tamara said...

Oh my gosh!!!! That's us!!!! Check out our blog.

Curtis said...

HILARIOUS. I love coming to this blog... So funny, I wish there was a way I could post individual posts to my blog and try to get you some more fans.