October 14, 2009

A Few Replacement Referees Hold a Meeting

Shh shhh. Here comes Todd.

Are you serious? That guy is driving me insane.

Hey guys! Let's call some FOULS!

Hey, Todd.


Fouls, guys! Let's call 'em. (whistles) Illegal strutting.

That's not a thing.

Psssht. (whistles) Inadvertent silliness.

C'mon, Todd.

(whistles) Excessive sweating. This is SO MUCH FUN!


Crazy Canton Cuts said...

they cant be much worse that those paid off refs from before

Basketball Linker said...

This is the exact opposite of the refs in my basketball league that i play in. the refs don't call $%#@! because they want the clock to run down and they can call it a night. bastards!