September 8, 2009

Wetsuit Shopping with Kevin Durant

This past Friday at the The Blowtorch Wetsuit Shoppe...

Kevin Durant: Yo. I need a wetsuit. You look like a man who knows wetsuits.
Trez Kerbz: I guess I do. You need a wetsuit?

KD: Yeah.

TK: Why?

KD: Because.

TK: Great answer.

KD: Chill.

TK: I don't even know why you asked me to help you if you're not going to say more than one word at a time. You're not Don Draper, Kevin.

KD: Jetskiing.

TK: You're going jetskiing?

KD: Indeed.

TK: When did you get a jetski?

KD: Today.

TK: Why?

KD: Dunno.

TK: Alright. Well try this on. It's a medium.


KD: Not funny man. This is way too big.

TK: That's why I'm laughing.

KD: Man, I don't know why I even asked you to help me.

TK: Me neither. Maybe you need to try a ladies size.

KD: I'm not going to wear a ladies wetsuit. I'm a man.

TK: But look how wide that is around the thighs.


TK: Okay, okay. I can't believe we even have these here. No one has bought one this small since Gilbert Arenas was planning his birthday party. Try this on.

TK: Looks great, Kev.

KD: Yeah.

TK: You don't really have a jetski do you?

KD: Nah, man. I just like the look.

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