September 18, 2009

A Couple of Basketball Players Talk About Hipster Rap

(phone rings playing Day N' Nite (Crookers Remix))

JaVale McGee: Yo, man.

Michael Beasley: Yo, man. You hear this new CuDi album yet?

JM: Naw, man. I been playing ball too much.

MB: Tyte, bro. I been busy at this place they sent me to. If it sound echo-y, it's cause I gotta call from the bathroom. I ain't supposed to have a phone, so I had to leave my other four at home. One of my guys got me that CuDi record. Dude's on point.

JM: I heard it ain't all that. They saying too much singing when dude can't even sing. And most of the songs are barely songs. I'll probably pass.

MB: You just ain't get it, man. That lonely stoner thing really makes sense to me.

JM: Truth, dog. It would.

MB: For real. Holla at me.
JM: Aight, bro. Peace.

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Jack said...

Ha, those hipster posts are awesome man.