August 7, 2009

Out of Office

I'm going to be in Colorado (the state) for the next week. It's pretty likely that there is going to be nothing happening around this place, friends. Who knows? Maybe I will blog, maybe I will Tumbl, maybe I will write you all letters (I will not write you all letters). Nonetheless, here are some ways to stay entertained in my absence.

  • Passion of the Weiss's 50 Greatest Rap Albums of the 2000s. I wrote Food & Liquor, Lord Willin', The Renaissance, and Stankonia. There's a lot of good rap writing there.
  • The Phenomenal Swag archive. Tons of completely pointless basketball products, several jokes.
  • Call me at 708-303-TREY (8739). Leave me a message. It just might be used in a future Blowtorch post or podcast. Clicking this thing below will somehow connect you to the Blowtorch hotline, through magic.


kevindooo said...

the basketball jones tee!

Anonymous said...

that's ground beef right?