August 3, 2009

Hasheem Thabeet Throws a Barbeque

Hey, guys! It's almost time to tha-eat.

Thameet is just about ready to tha-eat, so come up here and get what you want. Then take a tha-seat on the concrete.

We've got hamburgers and hot dogs and a bunch of bun choices . We have white bread and thawheat, so take your choice. Thawheat is a little healthier, but it also gets soggy faster.

Hey, Marc! It's good to see you. I like your khakis, especially thapleats. Oh, and thanks for bringing thabeets. I'm usually not a big fan, but they're alright in salads, though I prefer those to be thasweet, rather than savory. Anyways, I better go thagreet some more people.

Oh, everyone. I want to remind you to be careful around the flowers. They thasecrete some kind of scent that attracts a lot of bees. It's nice out, and they love thaheat, so just be wary.

I'll be bringing out thasweets later, but I'll be bringing them out thadiscretely, so as not to cause a massive feeding rush. I made a whole thasheet of brownies. They're delicious.

And no, OJ, you won't need your thacleats. We play wiffleball in thastreet.

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GIANTS FAN said...

Great sports blog man. I'm going to visit here more often. I have a sports blog myself and I would like to exchange links with you. Let me know. Jason