July 14, 2009

Brandon Bass Works Out for the Magic

I think I'll just shoot some jumpers to get loose. You know, with these arms I need to make sure I'm nice and limber.

Lordy, this ball is heavy! I just can't seem to shoot it strong enough. I suppose I'll have to flex to make sure I shoot it the right distance.

Does this look okay Coach Van Gundy? How is my form? Do my arms look alright? I mean, if you want me to, I can flex them a little more. I've seen what you've done for Dwight, so I know that's an option.

Seriously, did you guys put lead in this ball? It is HEAVY. But don't worry, I think I can lift it above my head. Oh, there. There we go. Looking good?

Oh, this is STRENUOUS! I can barely get the ball up this high. Good thing I've been working out this summer or else I wouldn't have this strength! Thanks, creatine powder.

Can someone come over here and feel my biceps to make sure they're moving the right way? I wouldn't want to be wasting your guys' money with bad form. I just really need someone to come and hold on to my biceps. It's for the team.

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