May 8, 2009

A Couple of Bros Go To a Lakers Game

Bro, Lake Show tickets TO-NIGHT. I'm talking courtside baby. You in.

Bro, I'm so in. You know I'm in. Like I got anything better to do. Some broad wanted to watch P.S. I Love You but if she thinks I'm missing the Lakers, she can jump in a lake.

Bro, you're money. You are so money and you don't even know it. That's right, Swingers quote in 2009. I don't care if the ladies think it's lame, I'm sticking with it.

Bro, you know I love Swingers more than anything. That's why I always watch it when a girl dumps me. Gets me back in the right frame of mind to mack on the honeys. What are you wearing tonight, bro?

Bro, you know I'm going with my white v-neck and some distressed jeans. It's a killer look, bro.

Oh no doubt, bro. I'll probably just rock a polo and some cargos, like usual. Ladies love that laid back Cali look, bro.

Bro, you should wear your Magic jersey.

FOR REAL, bro. I haven't put that on in like 8 years. I hope it still fits.

Bro, you're going to be like a bear with your bear claws and your Magic jersey. So money.

So money, bro.
So money.

1 comment:

Juan Louis said...

its like u got bear claws and the basketball is like a little bunny. Hey there little bunny... let me pick you up and... THROW IT DOWN BIG MAN