April 20, 2009

Here's Your Proof

If you've ever doubted the accuracy of this Internet weblog site, don't. Everything you ever read on here is true. Just two months ago I posted this absolutely brilliant deconstruction of Vinny Del Negro's coaching methods. Included in that post was this picture:

You might have thought I was joking and that these really weren't Vinny Del Negro's notes. Compare that play on the left to this one that Skeets captured during Saturday's game against the Celtics:

Vinny Del Negro's plays

Eerily similar, aren't they? This just goes to show that I know things. But how?, you might wonder. I can't reveal that, but you should know the question isn't what are Vinny Del Negro's plays; it's WHEN are Vinny Del Negro's plays.


Anonymous said...

Highlarious. Award this man with the Most Valuable Blogger award!

WV: datstr - Yeah, like that VDN post.

Both Teams Played Hard said...

The pictograph for Fish Sticks is where the real brilliance lies.