February 2, 2009

Hey Guys, Bonzi Wells

Late Saturday night, I ended up at a jazz club in Chicago with Kelly Dwyer. I realize this sounds like a thing that I would make up because I make up a lot of things, but I did not make up this thing. As usual, the talk turned to Bonzi Wells. (At least twice, when around Kelly Dwyer, we've spoken at length about Bonzi Wells. There's really no reason for this to happen to anybody, ever.)

I questioned the whereabouts of Bonzi Wells, and his real name. Of course, Kelly Dwyer knew both of these off his head (China, and Gawen DeAngelo Wells). Literally two seconds may have passed before these answers were recited, along with a story of Wells throwing an entire bag of golf clubs in to a pond near the Ball State campus. Naturally, the conversation soon turned to aidsmarathon.com, a website that either teaches you how to run a marathon (it aids you in marathoning) or supports the expansion of AIDS via marathon. This remains unclear.

So today, I visited Yahoo!'s NBA photo page to find something silly to post on, because that's what I do. I carefully examine pictures of grown men in an attempt to mock them because YAY BLOGGING. Anyway, the very first picture was the one you see above. There isn't really much else to say, but as usual, Kelly Dwyer was right: Bonzi Wells was in China. Problem solved.

Also, you can't get AIDS from a marathon so that probably helps to clear that up.