July 21, 2008

Occasional Observations on Several Subjects V

Pitchfork Festival edition

  • As recently as two years ago, I was devoted to the Pitchfork music festival. I'd be there from the first notes of the first set (Pelican, if I remember right -- terrible) and wouldn't leave until the very last song of the last artist. Things done changed. I was at Union Park for a total of 4 hours on Sunday. Spoon wasn't worth staying for. Ghostface and Rae were dope and King Khan was fantastic. After those two acts, I didn't really care for anyone else there. Sorry, Bon Iver.
  • It can only be assumed that the mid-1990s Charlotte Hornets are the hipster choice of NBA team. I counted at least 3 Alonzo Mourning jerseys, 2 Larry Johnsons, and 1 Muggsy Bogues.

  • About that King Khan set; Fiancee and I showed up about halfway through and were blown away. Not only did it sound awesome but the stage show was hilarious. Headdresses, capes, and a cheerleader. But really, isn't Khan just a much more talented Har Mar Superstar? Is there any chance he can keep up what little success he's had without turning in to a total joke? Enjoy it while it lasts.
  • I'm a well-dressed fellow. This is a certainty. However, I'm also not above taking chances stylistically and I definitely don't frown upon people doing their own thing. All that being said, there was a gluttony of terrible, TERRIBLE fashion choices this weekend. There is a very distinct reason that deep v-necks and short jogging shorts went out of style. No one wants to see that much skin on a man. Ever. And while it's pretty played out to say "all these people want to be individuals but they dress the same," it's also painfully true.
  • The Animal Collective set was perfect for a last set in the dark. Their ambient stuff is way better live than on record.
  • I met Jeff Weiss and he was the most earnest and genuinely happy blogger I've met. And aside from the wristband, the least affected. Good people. Also, no homo.
  • I wonder if when Ghost and Rae joined Wu-Tang they ever thought they'd be performing to 10,000 sweaty, white kids who know all the words to all their songs? That can't have been part of RZA's plan.
  • If you're a musician playing at Pitchfork, it's probably pretty easy to walk around and see some other bands since there's at least 25 people who look exactly like you.
  • Raekwon HAS to be related to Kirby Puckett.
  • Number one most punchable at the festival: Tom Breihan


Brendan K. said...

Of course, a post like this is going toget a million "OMG, ur muzk sux!" comments (if anybody comments at all, that is) but I feel compelled to make 2 points.

1) Even following what I considered an over-valued recent record ("Ga Ga Ga Ga Ga") a set by Spoon is still appointment viewing in my book. Or did you mean after 14 hours you couldn't take any more?

2) King Khan's own project is nothing compared to his collaboration in the King Khan and BBQ Show. The Shrines may well fade (but Man Man have yet to, despite being arguable more predictable and novel; also awesome) but tKK&BS are fucking awesome.

Anonymous said...

Omg ur muzk suk

I believe I will start it up.

goathair said...

I forgot to mention that I've seen Spoon in the past and wasn't dying to see them again.

Five Pound Bag said...

you know all those guys refer to their shirts as "My Mourning Jersey" and then wait around for everyone to be awed by their cleverness

Tom Breihan said...

Uh, why was I punchable?

Nobody punched me, anyway.

goathair said...

Not deserving of punching. Just looked like a decent fight.

Passion of the Weiss said...

I got accidentally tripped by a hippy playing basketball. My hands still look like I have stigmata.

Anonymous said...

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