June 23, 2008

An Impartial Review of Tyronn Lue

There are exactly three things that I always remember about Tyronn Lue:

One, he bears a strong resemblance to WNBA superstar Teresa Weatherspoon.

(actual size)

Two, there are two Ns in his name. Three, he was humiliated by Allen Iverson in the 2001 NBA Finals.
(see the 6 minute mark for Iverson sonning Lue)

Obviously, my Tyronn Lue game isn’t up to snuff. But with technology, I can get caught up on the intricacies of Tyronn Jamar Lue. For instance, I just learned that Microsoft Word does not recognize the names Tyronn, Jamar, and Lue. Consider them added to the dictionary. And consider that a big win for technology.

Tyronn Lue’s 2007-2008 basketball season was largely unsuccessful. Tyronn started as a back-up point guard to the widely acclaimed Anthony Johnson on the Atlanta Hawks. Though that, in and of itself, is saddening, if we rewind roughly one year, we’ll see that Tyronn was one of the reasons the Hawks needed a point guard so badly in the 2007 Draft.

You see the Hawks had this problem with drafting forwards. Much like myself and any pair of dress pants that are long enough, the Hawks horded forwards. And just as I have four pairs of khakis that are the same color but different brands, the Hawks had a gaggle of athletic forwards but no one to pass them the ball. Divorced from emotions, this is a basketball problem; but when connected to the roster, Tyronn Lue was sad.

Nonetheless, Lue soldiered on. Though slotted behind Johnson, Tyronn outperformed both him and rookie Acie Law. However, when the Hawks had the opportunity to acquire the formerly good Mike Bibby, Lue and his 3.5 million dollar contract became expendable.

Strangely enough, Lue was widely recruited following his buy-out from the Kings. Though there was a hard push from the Phoenix camp, Lue decided to sign with the Mavericks, choosing to sit behind future Hall of Famer Jason Kidd rather than behind future Hall of Famer Steve Nash. Both teams went on to flame out in this year’s playoffs, proving that pursuing Tyronn Lue is a death wish.

The story of Tyronn Lue’s 2007-2008 season can be summed up like so: reason for worry to afterthought to pleasant surprise to trade bait to buy out to mop-up duty. Lest you become too sad for Tyronn Lue, please remember that he still made 3.5 million dollars this year for playing basketball.


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