March 5, 2008

Mike Miller for MVP

The definition of MVP is most valuable player. In my eyes, this means the player that means the most to his team. It's easy to let highlight reel plays and marketing campaigns cloud your judgment, but a quick look at the Grizzlies before and after Mike Miller's injury easily proves just how valuable he is.

With Miller
Record: 14-38 (.269)
Points per game: 100.5

Without Miller
Record: 0-8 (.000)
Points per game: 92.8

These are irrefutable facts that show that Mike Miller is far and away this year's MVP. Not only has his team's winning percentage fell a jaw-dropping 27%, they have also scored 8% less without the feminine swingman. If a 27% decline in winning percentage isn't evidence of value, then I don't know what is.


Anonymous said...

Nice one..


Anonymous said...

hahaha. luke ridnour for mvp

Anonymous said...

You also forgot that in every single Griz win this year, M33M has scored at least 17 points. They have lost every game he hasn't scored at least 17 points.