March 25, 2008

Andres and Jim Share an Intimate Moment

Jim Boylan: Ummmm, Andres…I just wanted to let you know I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to upset you the other night. It’s just so hard to keep it together now that Ben and Adrian are gone. I just don’t know what to do with myself.

Andres Nocioni: No me importa, Coach. Eso fue realmente significa.

JB: I don’t know what you said, but I really am sorry.

AN: No puedo creer que todavía no han aprendido rudimentario español. Hemos estado aquí durante cuatro años.

JB: Andres, I told you before, baby, I don’t habla the Spanish.

AN: Lo sé.

JB: But seriously, with the old fellas gone, I need you more than ever.

AN: Sí.

JB: Can everything be okay with us? Can we just get back to the good times?

AN: Sí.

JB: I can’t stay mad at you. Look at you!

AN: Gracias, entrenador.

JB: C’mere, Andy. I can call you Andy, right?

AN: Prefiero que no.

Boylan kisses Nocioni on the head.

JB: Heh. That’s how you guys do it in Europe right?

AN: Argentina se encuentra en América del Sur.

JB: I'm coming to Europe. We can share an apartment.


Ryne Nelson said...

Lovin' the Spanish...although I don't understand a word of it. Gotta love Andres and his wacky personality.

Anonymous said...

The spanish is all wrong!! lol!!!

The first line is impossible to decipher. I think it should be something like: "No importa, coach. Lo que importa es la intención."
But if it tries to be a translation -a horrible, horrible translation- of "That was really mean", then it should be "No me importa, Coach. Lo que hizo fue realmente malvado".
Then:"No puedo creer que todavía no aprendieron un poco de español. Hace cuatro años que estamos acá."
"Ya sé"
"Gracias, entrenador"
"Prefiero que no..."
"Argentina está en América del Sur"

Really nice image of Boylan kissing Nocioni!! hhehehee

Anonymous said...

Yes please learn spanish first, gracias.

Mr. Good said...

Whether the Spanish was grammatically correct or not, that was still freakin' hilarious!!!

goathair said...

That's all Google translations. I, like Jim Boylan, don't speak very much Spanish. Pequeno, if you will.

Trev said...

read this in babelfish

It tries to translate what is already in English to English again causing even more hilarity.

Anonymous said...

Pretty funny, but the Spanish could use a little fixing. I used to live in Argentina and the grammar isn't exactly all there, but funny nonetheless.

spanish bombs said...

The Spanish isn't actually wrong except for the first line, which really doesn't make a lot of sense because the second sentence translates as, "That was really [present 3rd person verb for "means"]. Presumably, they meant, "That actually mattered a lot to me," or something. The suggestion by the previous commenter is just ridiculous, though; "malvado" would be used to mean "evil", not something like "mean-spirited".

"Han aprendido" is a perfectly acceptable construction in place of the preterite, assuming that Andres is truly referring to the plural team.

There is also nothing wrong with "Lo se". Yes, throwing in a "ya" might help and that is probably what someone is real life would do, but "Lo se" is fine grammatically, where "Ya se", without the object, is pushing it.

"Se encuentra" means "is located". There is also nothing wrong with this as opposed to "esta", which translates as "is".

So, Goathair, don't trip.

sexy said...