January 23, 2008

Random Fact - Antoine Wright, pt. 9

Did you know that Antoine Wright is a descendant of a long line of dukes from the northeastern part of Latvia??
The Wrights amassed a great deal of their wealth through the trading of spices and elephant hides on the Latvian coast, founding a trail near the capitol city of Riga. Named the Riga Wright Crembly, the Wrights instituted a sort of honor system that required a tariff of 15% of all goods sold and 10% of all goods received, in effect garnering 50% of all money exchanged on each transaction. The Wrights used their money to fund a school for their relatives and closest associates.

Though initially intended as a science-based school, The Wright School for Elephanting and Taxation (a loose translation) quickly became renowned for its wealth of great teachers in fine arts. This basis in painting, sculpture, and mimery resulted in apprenticeships for visitors as varied as da Vinci, Michaelangelo, and Hugo. After serving these apprenticeships, the masters were then required to teach for a period of 1 year in the field of war strategy. By forcing these great thinkers out of their preferred study area, the Wrights were able to tap their great intellects for innovative war theories.

However, the Wright Empire was soon to fall. The advent of the Latvastonia Seapass (from Latvia to Estonia) rendered the Crembly obsolete, causing for the dispersal of the Wrights. Eventually, the Wrights made their way to the United States, where they continued to amaze. In fact, Antoine's great-great-great-great uncles Orville and Wilbur would become the first men to pilot an airplane.

The Wrights are among the most secretive and mysterious of the great families of the world. At times refusing to acknowledge their relation to generations past, the Wrights are characterized by a gap in their two front teeth and are known to proclaim their lineage through head adornments.


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sad to see the fake biography thing has made its way from social networking sites to sports figures.

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wow.. that's probably the first time I've seen my hometown mentioned in any sport-related blog without mention of Andris Biedrins in the same sentence. I'm full of pride.