September 11, 2009

Nets Executives Tour the Barclay Center

This is a guest post posted by the Brian Spaeths who usually posts about other things. He made a movie, and this one time we ate at a TGI Friday's together and talked about laughing.


It's been awhile since I've written about the Nets at all, and between odes to Michael Jordan and the accompanying footnotes to David Robinson, et al, I saw these new designs for their long-rumored Brooklyn arena, the Barclays Center.

It looks nice and also it looks like a building, so I felt it'd be easy to piece together what the opening night might be like.

Barclays Center Nets

For real, that looks like a fun place. What do you think those two dudes are talking about, and are you pregnant -

Brian Spaeth is the writer and star of Who Shot Mamba?, a Broadband Motion Picture debuting October 13th on You can see the first teaser-trailer on the website. Brian has also published two novels, and writes regularly at his own blog.

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Anonymous said...

I better not be, if I am, I'mma hunt you down for propheteering such things.