October 8, 2008

Another Reason I Love Rasheed Wallace

"Rasheed Wallace went at Kwame Brown full-throttle at the end of practice Tuesday. It started when Brown said that he would put Wallace 'in the trunk and lock him up.' Wallace went off. 'There is no way on God's green earth that you can lock me up, ever, ever, ever,' he said. 'You couldn't lock me up in when you were in D.C. or L.A., nowhere. You're lucky you never had to face me in high school.' Brown hooted on Wallace for sitting out the last couple of minutes of the scrimmage, telling him, 'Go get your rest, old man.' That only fired Wallace up more. 'Yeah, I need my rest because I am working. I'm not out there lollygagging like you,' Wallace shouted. Brown soon scored on two aggressive plays, but Wallace wasn't impressed. 'Yeah, Kwame, two baskets in two-and-a-half hours,' he said."

From The Detroit News via Henry


Anonymous said...

Kwame probably forgot that he isn't on the Grizz anymore. That, or he just confused Sheed with Brian Cardinal and Darko.

Sean François said...

I absolutely love it! 'Sheed is letting him know from jump, "don't think you're gonna be taking any meaningful minutes away from me!"

Anonymous said...

Why anyone would talk shit to a man who looks for all the world like the Black Green Goblin, AND CARRIED AROUND A HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPIONSHIP BELT, is beyond me.

And by the way, how has Kwame not learned yet that real recognize real? Did all those confidence-killing berations (not actually a word, but I'm vamping) from MJ not drive that point home? You need a résumé to even joke with Sheed, dude, and acting like you got some hair on your peaches don't make 'em fuzzy.