December 5, 2007

Kid Delicious It Is

After 1200 votes, the Official Kevin Durant Nickname Extravaganza has come to a close. With no further ado, the Blowtorch presents to you:


Suggested by commenter "joejoejoe" way back when, Kid Delicious (appropriated from pool legend Danny Basavich) is both descriptive and name-associative: Kevin Durant - Kid Delicious.
Please join me, blogosphere, as we push Kid Delicious to heights unknown.


TheHype said...

MSM to catch on in 3...2...1...

By the by, might just be me, but I have feeling this is going to like a reverse Pavlovian effect -- everytime Kid Delicious hits a jumper, I'll get hunger pangs.

T.A.N. said...

"Talking about, "you can just call me 'Delicious'."

I'm a grown-ass man dog.

I ain't gettin' ready to call no other dude 'Delicious.'"

I would have voted for "Daggers" ... with the skinny arms/legs, that would have been perfect.

Anonymous said...

how was daggers ever acceptable? Even though Kobe calls himself Mamba, his nickname really should be "The Dagger"

Anonymous said...

If Nike uses this in an ad campaign I better get a free waffle iron or something. Yo Phil Knight! Call me.